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Is an Induction Stove for You?

The Library now has a one 'burner' induction cooktop and stainless steel pot to check out from their Library of Things. Call the library to reserve it today! 259-8465.

What is great about Induction Stoves?

  • Time and Efficiency: They heat up 50% faster than a gas stove an are 85% efficient compared to 30% efficiency of gas.

  • Health: They don't burn putting out toxic emissions like gas stoves.

  • Safety: There is no open flame.

  • Easy Clean-up: Grease isn't cooked onto a grill.

  • Electrification: Eversource is now ~30 renewable. LincolnGreenEnergyChoice can provide 100% renewable electricity.

Check out more at our Induction Stove page.


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