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Residential Energy Efficiency

There's more than one way to preserve a Lincoln habitat.

If you are a homeowner and utility bill-payer in Lincoln, you are eligible for a no-cost home energy assessment (HEA) every two years. This is a benefit made possible through a statewide program called Mass Save and paid for through fees on your utility bill.

Call 781-305-3319 today to get started

or visit LincolnEnergyChallenge.org.

What is a home energy assessment?

A home energy assessment (HEA) involves a qualified energy auditor visiting your home for two to three hours to check on places where your home may not be energy efficient. HEAs include a look at your insulation, windows, and areas where you might have air leaks, as well as provide you with free LED light bulbs, programmable thermostats, smart power strips, and efficient shower heads.


Assessors also offer  air sealing and can help you explore deeper energy options, including better insulation, electric-powered air source heat pumps, water heaters, home safety checks, and other renewable energy opportunities. Even better, you may be eligible for home energy rebates, no-interest loans, and tax credits to help you make the switch to an energy-efficient home!

Sign up for the Lincoln Energy Challenge!

The Lincoln Energy Challenge is a community-wide program that encourages residents to take the next step together towards reducing their energy consumption and greening Lincoln. 

Lincoln has partnered with HomeWorks Energy as our HEA service provider. They offer a range of home energy-efficiency services, as well as partner with a range of additional vendors that can get your home up to snuff.

Sign up online for a free assessment or call 781-305-3319 to schedule an appointment.

Are you a landlord, renter, or condo owner?

If you own your own home and it is stand-alone or there are four or fewer units in your building, you can still sign up through LincolnEneryChallenge.org. If there are five or more units in your building, visit MassSave.com or call 800-594-7277.

Renters and landlords can also visit MassSave.com or call 866-527-7283.