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Lincoln’s Climate Action Plan


Climate Action Lincoln, a subcommittee of the Green Energy Committee,

 is charged with developing a Climate Action Plan


What is a Climate Action Plan? 

Climate Action Plans set goals and develop actions to mitigate emissions, adapt to environmental changes, and increase resilience. They address these interconnected issues of the climate crisis:

  • Electrification with renewable energy to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 

  • Furthering environmental justice and supporting vulnerable populations 

  • Safeguarding public health

  • Creating sustainable and resilient infrastructure

  • Protecting and regenerating ecological systems, including back yards, forests, open space, farms and wetlands. 


How will a Climate Action Plan help Lincoln reduce emissions? 

A Climate Action Plan will coordinate and recommend municipal, commercial, and residential actions necessary for Lincoln to reach net zero GHG emissions by 2050, as outlined in the Act Creating a Next Generation Roadmap for Massachusetts Climate Policy. It will address many sectors in Lincoln, including the built environment, transportation, energy production, waste, water, and land use. 


What are the next steps? 

Town-wide participation is critical to developing a Climate Action Plan that sets concrete goals to achieve results. In Lincoln, residential behavior will be crucial to the success of a plan as the Town has a very small amount of commercial and municipal properties.  


The year-long, collaborative process of developing a plan will include:

  • Visioning: Engagement of all residents and stakeholders in town

  • Data: Energy use, GHG emissions, carbon storage

  • Analysis: Vulnerable populations, housing, infrastructure, transportation 

  • Goals: Align with state and federal goals; interpret for residents 

  • Implementation: Timelines, accountable parties, measurement

  • Financial implications: for the Town budget.

The Town is applying for a grant for technical assistance and expects to embark on the process of developing the Plan this fall. Be on the lookout for updates on LincolnTalk, the Lincoln Squirrel, or use Climate Action Lincoln’s email We are looking forward to working together and hearing your ideas.


Climate Action Lincoln members:

Sue Klem, Roy Harvey, Emily Haslett, Staci Montori, Lynne Smith 

Jennifer Curtin, Assistant Director of Planning and Land Use

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