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Electric Vehicles

Driving accounts for almost half of a household’s CO2 emissions. But there’s hope. A revolution is happening and our state is helping it along. If your household is ready for a new vehicle you might want to join the party! 


GreenEnergyConsumers.org can help you select the options you need from a car. 


Massachusetts  offers a $2500 rebate for the purchase of an electric vehicle  through the Mor-EV Program and there is up to a $7500 tax credit allowed on your federal tax returns for the purchase of an electric vehicle. Now is the time to take advantage of the rebates as they phase out after 200,000 cars have been sold by a manufacturer. Tesla has reached this marker already and Chevy will reach it sometime soon. Don’t be left in the dust! 

Save money on gas and maintenance. Reduce CO2 emissions. 

E.V.s are fun to drive too!

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