Electric Vehicles


Driving accounts for almost half of a household’s CO2 emissions. But there’s hope. A revolution is happening, and our state is helping it along. If your household is ready for a new vehicle you might want to join the party! 


Here are the incentives:

  • In 2020 Massachusetts  offers a $2500 rebate for the purchase of an electric vehicle  through the Mor-EV Program. Cars under $50,000  are eligible. 

  • There is a federal  tax credit of $7500  for the purchase of an electric vehicle. These credits phase out after 200,000 cars have been sold by a manufacturer. Tesla and Chevrolet have reached this marker already. Don’t be left in the dust! 

Some fun facts:

  • No worries about gas price fluctuations.

  • No oil changes ever! 

  • Reduce CO2 emissions. 

  • There are over 83 EV's in Lincoln (that qualified for a Massachusetts rebate as of oct 2019) see Mor-EV.org for more statistics.

  • E.V.s are fun to drive too! They have great acceleration. The Tesla can go from 0-60 in 3.2 seconds.

Are you worried about how to charge the car?

The car comes with a cable that plugs into a regular 120 V socket. There are faster options if you find you need it. 

Range Anxiety is a thing of the past!

Many EVs now go over 200 miles between charges. They make a great commuter car and are great for a day trip to Portsmouth NH for the day or Providence RI to see the RISD museum, or Sturbridge Village with the family. Ask Google maps to show charging stations near you and it will give you their availability too. 

To learn more visit GreenEnergyConsumers.org can help you select the options you need from a car including range and charging ports.