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4th of July Parade and Electric Car Show and Lawn Care

CFREE, Carbon Free Residential Everything Electric, had a Nissan Leaf in the 4th of July parade. We used the car to advertise the Electric Car Show at the Pierce House as well as commenting on Fast Fashion, electricity/solar energy, eatting a low meat diet, and flying less, some of the largest CO2 emmitters that individuals have control over.

The EV car show had 10 vehicles. We had a couple from Waltham who were passing by and added their Toyota to the mix. Lewis, from Hudson, also brought his Rivian truck through contact with the Green Energy Consummer's alliance. The GECA has a website that shows the EV's avilible and their discounts.

CFREE was also show caseing electric lawn equipment which is quieter and less polluting than the unregulated gas powered mowers. They also start more easily and need less manitanece. Watch this first 14 minutes of this video to learn more.

Gas Lawnmower: Approximately 3.42 pounds of CO2 per hour of use

  • Electric Lawnmower: Approximately 0.9 pounds of CO2 per hour of use

This assumes that you get your electricity from Eversource and not the Lincoln Town aggregation program,, nor from rooftop solar.


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