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HeatSmart Mass

Heating your house in Massachusetts is 59% of your household energy expenditure. If you are thinking about upgrades to your traditional oil or electric resistance heating system, it’s a good time to look at alternatives!


The state is offering financial incentives for approved high efficiency heating and cooling systems. There are federal tax credits available for ground sourced heat pumps. There are financing incentives for heating systems as well. 


HeatSmart Mass 2018


HeatSmart Mass 2018 has ended...BUT...state rebates are still available to install alternative and renewable, high efficiency heating and cooling technologies. If you have any questions, contact us!

In 2018 Lincoln partnered with Concord and Carlisle to participate in the HeatSmart Mass pilot program. HeatSmart Carlisle Concord Lincoln (CCL) is a simple way for homes and businesses to purchase clean heating and cooling technologies. HeatSmart is a community-based education and group purchasing program for clean heating and cooling technologies supported by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC).


HeatSmart CCL competitively selected three installers specializing in three different low-carbon heating and cooling technologies and negotiated special pricing to make sure that you get the best quality work at a discount compared to the regional average.


Clean heating and cooling technologies (air sourced heat pumps, ground sourced heat pumps, and modern wood heating) offer homes and businesses the ability to save money on their energy bills and stay more comfortable year-round while also reducing their carbon footprint.  


Visit HeatSmartCCL.org to see more about the program. See our In the News section to read about HeatSmart's success. 

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