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Heating and Cooling

Heating your house in Massachusetts is 59 percent of your household energy expenditure. If you are thinking about upgrades to your traditional oil or electric resistance heating system, it’s a good time to look at alternatives!

How it Works

Heat pump technology has been around for over 100  years in our refrigerators, dehumidifiers, and air-conditioners. A heat pump moves heat from one place to another rather than burning fossil fuels to generate heat. Because it takes far less energy to move heat than to create heat, air source heat pumps are much more efficient. This will save you energy.

Heat pumps have been used to heat homes since the 1970’s  but the technology has become much more advanced and efficient. New Cold Climate heat pumps have been installed in large numbers in Vermont and Maine. Massachusetts would like install comparable numbers in the next few years and is offering incentives to make this happen,



In addition to the state is offering financial incentives for approved high efficiency air source heat pump  systems, there are federal tax credits available for ground-source heat pumps. The state also supports 0% loans through MassSave so that you can finance your heating systems as well.

 Additionally there are  incentives from MassSave if your income is below 120% of the state medium. 

Why is it clean?

Air source heat pumps are considered to be clean heating and cooling technologies because the source of heat used for your home comes from the outdoor air as opposed to burning fossil fuels. The electricity from Eversource that will power your heat pump is currently 16% from renewable resources (2020), allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint by over 16%  just from the fuel source alone.

In addition, as the town moves forward on their aggregation program, you will have the opportunity to use even less fossil fuels.

Clean heating and cooling technologies (air-source heat pumps and  ground-source heat pumps) offer homes and businesses the ability to save money on their energy bills and stay more comfortable year-round while also reducing their carbon footprint.  

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