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HeatSmart FAQs



1. What was HeatSmart Carlisle/Concord/Lincoln and who organized it?

HeatSmart Carlisle/Concord/Lincoln (CCL) was a community-based education and group purchasing program for clean heating and cooling technologies. HeatSmart CCL offered residents and businesses the opportunity to improve home comfort and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from heating and cooling by adopting advanced air-source and ground-source (geothermal) heat pumps and modern wood heating systems at a discount from the regional average.

From end of February through August of 2018, residents and businesses in Carlisle, Concord, and Lincoln were able to purchase these selected technologies at a special, limited-time discount from competitively-selected installers. Throughout this program, HeatSmart CCL offered educational “meet the installer” and open house events to give residents the chance to learn more about what technology might be best suited for their needs.

HeatSmart CCL was led by a team of volunteer residents from the three towns with support from the town representatives. HeatSmart CCL was a pilot program through HeatSmart Mass, a statewide program supported by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) and Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER). The HeatSmart CCL organizers also received technical support from the Cadmus Group, an international technical and strategic consulting firm that has supported clean energy development in Massachusetts for decades.

2. How did HeatSmart CCL work?

Does the concept of HeatSmart CCL sound a bit familiar?

It might: HeatSmart CCL was modeled after the successful Solarize and community-based solar programs hosted in Carlisle, Concord, and Lincoln since 2012. That includes Solarize Lincoln (2012), Solarize Carlisle (2013), the Concord Solar Challenge (2013-14), and Solarize Lincoln-Sudbury-Wayland (2017-18). The HeatSmart CCL team, with support from MassCEC and other technical advisors, adapted the Solarize model to fit clean heating and cooling technologies.

HeatSmart CCL brought the same straightforward, hassle-free approach that made Solarize so popular in our towns. HeatSmart CCL offered an easy way to learn about and purchase clean heating and cooling technologies from some of the most qualified installers in the region--all at prices below the regional and state averages.

3. How did HeatSmart CCL offer a discounted price?

One of the goals of HeatSmart CCL was to offer transparent, discounted pricing to residents and businesses. Due to the high potential volume of leads concentrated in a small geographic area, HeatSmart CCL’s selected installers were able to get best, bulk pricing from their manufacturers and distributors and be more efficient with scheduling and coordinating personnel. HeatSmart CCL’s volunteers also led outreach to the three communities.


HeatSmart CCL has worked with these installers to ensure that they are passing their savings down to HeatSmart customers. Installers evaluated for this program were asked to bid in with their best pricing, and these bids were benchmarked against regional and statewide average pricing information provided by MassCEC.

What are the prices the HeatSmart CCL installers are offering? Check out the HeatSmart CCL pricing guides below:

More detailed versions of these guides can be found here.

4. How were the HeatSmart CCL installers selected?

Interested installers were invited to submit bids through a competitive, public request for proposals to participate in HeatSmart CCL (and the three other HeatSmart pilot communities) in November. In January, the HeatSmart CCL committee evaluated proposals with support from MassCEC and the Cadmus Group.

Ultimately, the HeatSmart CCL team selected Achieve Renewable (ground source heat pumps), New Day Energy (modern wood heating), and New England Ductless (air source heat pumps) based on several factors, including their experience with working with local homes and businesses, equipment installation expertise, strong record of customer service, experience with community education, and pricing.

5. Will I be able to participate in the future?

HeatSmart has closed. However, if you are interested in getting a site visit for clean heating and cooling, you are welcome to reach out to our selected installers for more information. There are other installers in your community who will also be eligible to install systems rebated through MassCEC’s program. Visit the MassCEC website for more information.

While the special HeatSmart pricing will no longer be available, you will still be able to take advantage of any of the incentives and financing programs available through state and relevant utility programs.

6. Was participation in this program limited to Carlisle, Concord, and Lincoln residents and businesses?

Yes. Only Carlisle, Concord, and Lincoln residents and businesses were eligible to receive the HeatSmart CCL standard pricing.

If your community is interested in hosting a HeatSmart program in the future, MassCEC may be issuing a new round of HeatSmart Mass later in 2018. Reach out to us for more information. 

7. What is clean heating and cooling and what technologies was HeatSmart CCL offering?

In cold climates like Massachusetts, heating and cooling accounts for over 30% of the greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change. Reducing emissions from heating and cooling will be necessary for the state to meet its legally-binding target of reducing emissions by 80% below 1990 levels by 2050. In 2014, the Commonwealth released a statewide strategy for increasing the adoption of clean heating & cooling (also known as “renewable thermal”) technologies.

Clean heating and cooling describes high-efficiency heating and cooling technologies that can use thermal energy derived from renewable sources—including the sun, air, earth, and sustainably-harvested bioenergy. Because of their importance to meeting our state climate goals, state and local governments and utilities across the state are offering thousands of dollars in incentives to support their adoption.

HeatSmart CCL is offering three CH&C technologies:

  • Air source heat pumps

  • Ground source or geothermal heat pumps

  • Modern wood heating

There are other CH&C technologies (e.g. solar hot water, biodiesel) available. Learn more about them here.

What was HeatSmart Carlisle/Concord/Lincoln and who organized it?
How did HeatSmart CCL work?
How did HeatSmart CCL offer a discounted price?
How were the HeatSmart CCL installers selected?
Will I be able to participate in the future?
Was participation in this program limited to CCL residents and businesses?
What is Clean Heating and Cooling and what technologies did HeatSmart CCL offer?
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