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Getting to Zero 2024 #7 – Embodied Carbon – June 12 @ 7 pm

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What do you know about embodied, upfront, or operational carbon?  Why is this topic fundamental to the issues of climate change?

Find out on June 12th at 7:00pm when the Lincoln CFREE committee will be hosting a Zoom event with Tim Lock, a renowned architect and expert on the issues of emissions and carbon that impact us all.

The issues relating to carbon are some of the most fundamental to the discussion of climate change and what we can do to reduce our impact going forward.

Tim is the Managing Partner of OPAL Architects, a Maine based firm that focuses on sustainable design and high performance homes.  Tim has also advised the White House on climate policy and the impacts of carbon on the planet.

This program is hosted by CFREE, a working group of the Lincoln Green Energy Committee.



How in the World does one Register for June 12 presentation?

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