Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I find out if my home is energy efficient?

The quickest way is to schedule a no-cost Home Energy Assessment through HomeWorks Energy.  Visit  or call 781-305-3319 for more information and to schedule a visit.

2. Who is sponsoring the Lincoln Energy Challenge?

Lincoln's Green Energy Committee, appointed by the Selects, initiated this program to connect with residents who can help reach the goal of reducing energy consumption in town by 10%. We issued an RFP to identify private sector partners who can help deliver services needed to qualify for MassSave incentives and chose HomeWorks Energy as our home assessment and installer partner. If you want to choose another contractor, go to Residents may choose to work with any MassSave-qualified contractor to implement recommended home upgrades. See

3. What happens during an energy assessment?

A trained, certified Energy Specialist will come to your home for a 2-3 hour assessment. This includes measuring existing home insulation, identifying cost-effective air-sealing opportunities, evaluating lighting,  and explaining appliance and heating equipment upgrade opportunities. The Energy Specialist may install immediate savings measures such as energy efficient light bulbs, low-flow faucet aerators or shower heads, and programmable thermostats. You will receive a written assessment with specific recommendations for your home.

4. Who Qualifies for a no-cost Home Energy Assessment?

Applicants must have a residential account (pay a bill) with a participating utility company, such as NGRID or Eversource. If you have had a previous assessment in the same home over three years ago, you may schedule another. If you are receiving any fuel assistance, including discounted rates, you should check the MassSave website for energy efficiency guidance. See

5. Can my condo or apartment get a Home Energy Assessment?

If you are a renter, a landlord, or a condominium owner, go to to sign up for an energy assessment.

6. What instant savings can I get with a home energy assessment?

The certified energy specialist visiting your home can provide at no cost:
                         - LED Light Bulbs to replace existing incandescent bulbs
                         - Low-Flow Shower Heads – one per shower
                         - Programmable Thermostat – one per active thermostat
                         - Advanced Power Strips – up to two per home
                         - Aerators – one per faucet

7. What Post-Assessment Incentives and Rebates are offered?

After your home energy assessment is completed, you may qualify for:
                          - 75% off of weatherization work (insulation) up to $2,000
                          - No-cost air sealing as part of weatherization work
                          - Qualification for a 0% Interest Heat Loan (No Interest Loan)
                          - Rebates for heating system upgrades and hot water system upgrades

All of the above are subject to utility approval. Visit